Be Embodied

Bodywork – Yoga – Breath – Awareness

Learn how to inhabit your body mindfully

Our call to action is to help people go from chaos to calm – learning to build resilience and dissolve stress through

sensory re-awakening and integration with myofascial release, yoga, vagal tone and breathwork

Our physical bodies are a mirror to everything we hold onto emotionally and mentally. Learn how to anchor into the body and create conscious change.

About Adam and Viriam

Celebrating 20 years together in 2020

We are fascinated by the mind-body dynamic. Working together we integrate our diverse backgrounds – Adam looks at the body through the lens of anatomy, while Viriam works with the subtle body and energetics – this has forged an insight into emotional anatomy and inspired a holistic teaching – how to be mindful in our bodies and how to embody our spirit. Synergy is the interaction of two agents to provide a combined effect greater than the individual. We have been on this journey of sharing and discovery for many years and share our passion in workshops and trainings around the world – India, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK.


 “We want everyone to develop a new understanding of their bodies – our body sculpts itself around its most common activities and its most frequent emotions. Through breath, movement, yoga and bodywork we can improve not only our posture but our integrity and our emotional well-being.”