Navigating our life’s journey – coming back home to ourselves

We have always said about our relationship that we might not always agree on everything, but we are looking in the same direction. We look at the mind-body dynamic from different angles – so we can create a holistic path of healing.

Adam is fascinated by fascia and anatomy and has taught yogic anatomy to yoga teacher trainees for nearly 10 years, while Viriam has been sharing yogic philosophy, mindful yoga and awareness practices – where they meet is in the realm of emotional anatomy and how our physical body is effected and our bodily structure is formed around our most common moods, experiences and activities. Our cellular and visceral memory holds onto stress and trauma, through bodywork, interoceptive yoga and mindful practices we can re-write our story and signal safety to our mind, body and spirit.

Adam Divine

Adam has been teaching massage, bodywork and anatomy for yoga teacher trainees for nearly ten years around the world and has been practicing massage himself for over 15. His original studies were in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Thai Massage, but his approach was revolutionized by working with Anatomy Trains’ teacher James Earls. Adam is a Structual Bodyworker, training with Anatomy Trains for ten years; he has also worked with osteopaths, yoga teachers and breathwork practitioners and developed a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body and sees subtle awareness as the key to transformation. He specializes in body reading, therapeutic bodywork and myofascial release. From the world of yoga therapy, he is influenced by the work of inspiring teachers Doug Keller and John Stirk and has incorporated vital vagus techniques, yoga therapy and fascial release into his own daily yoga practice.

Structural Awareness Technique is the culmination of years of study and enthusiasm. Adam has lived in India for 15 years. Adam is a member of the Complimentary Therapists Association.

Signalling safety to the autonomic nervous system is the key to our work. Over the last few years, we have been working with the vagus nerve –part of the ANS and have discovered through the world of yoga and bodywork, some deceptively simple techniques for restoring balance. We have been working with traditional yoga, fascial release with body-ball work, restorative asana, conscious language and simple hands-on techniques.

Viriam Kaur

“Yoga is an invitation to listen – My most powerful and profound lessons are when I am quiet and tune into the sensations of my inner body when I am in asana or meditation – creating a deeper knowing.” Viriam has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years around the world, but her practice and method has changed since working with Adam in the last six years. She originally trained in the UK with SKY School of Kundalini Yoga in 2003 and is still deeply inspired by the practices from the world of Kundalini Yoga and the use of asana, breath and sound in working with stress and trauma release; now too though she works with practices from other traditions having studied the profound healing power of yoga nidra, breathwork and mindfulness-based meditation. Inspired by Angela Farmer and Bo Forbes, she has been incorporating more restorative and intuitive yoga into her teaching. “Going back to the teachings from Kundalini Yoga, I have discovered how many of the practices if done in a particular way activate or tonify the vagus nerve. I like to share sound healing practices as well which are really powerful in toning the vagus nerve and bringing a sense of upliftment.” Viriam’s teaching has also been empowered by the invitation to teach Yoga Philosophy at Himalaya Yoga Valley – “through studying and sharing yogic philosophy I have become more aware of the potential of yoga to create conscious change. Studying philosophy has introduced me to a realm of new practices, traditions and inspiring teachers like Hareesh Wallis, Maya Tiwari and Michael Stone.”

“I attended From Chaos To Calm with Viriam and Adam in July 2019 focusing on the Vagus Nerve and Neuroplasticity. This experiential training has already helped me to be much more present in my own life and connect with those that matter the most. I do believe that this two day training has been the most significant investment in my own personal development journey and its direct connection to my wellbeing that I have completed in all of my adult life. I simply cannot recommend this training highly enough.” Avril Mansworth

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