The Emotional Anatomy Module is an invitation to understand how our bodies are impacted by stress and anxiety and to learn simple techniques through fascial bodywork, yoga and breathwork techniques to effect conscious change. We will naturally take what we learn about ourselves and apply this to our clients.

Understanding our emotional anatomy is seeing how our body sculpts itself through its common emotions. In the SAT Bodywork immersion, we see how the physical body sculpts itself around our common activities and physical movements – in this module, we see how our body sculpts itself around our emotional habits, anxiety and moods.

A key part of the Structural Awareness Technique is signaling safety to the autonomic nervous system so that we learn to relax at a deeper level and inhabit our bodies more wisely. We will look at how our bodies respond to stress, how this impacts our breath, our posture and our immune system. We will look at how the ANS is fused with the fascia and our hormonal network. We will focus on the evolution of the ANS and offer insights into developing a relationship with the Vagus Nerve – the newest part of our ANS. Learning simple techniques to activate the Vagus Nerve, we will take these into our bodywork sessions so our clients learn to rest and digest.

You will learn: • Recognizing Stress, Anxiety and Depression • Vagus Nerve – Nerve of Compassion and Connection • Emotional Anatomy Models (Stanley Keleman/ Louis R Shultz/ Reich) • Daily exercises – How to Sit stand, move and breathe • Structural Yoga and Restorative Practices • Proprioceptoin and Interoception • Mindfulness in the Body • Bodywork techniques to restore balance Pre-Requisite: It is necessary to complete the 10 Day Bodywork Immersion before participating in Emotional Anatomy Module.

There will be insights into how to body read the Shultz bands (stress patterns) and where breath/energy is restricted; discovering simple techniques to create more space and dissolve the impact of stress on the physical and emotional body and build physical and emotional resilience. You will learn specific techniques to add to the bodywork session learnt in the immersion to create a unique healing platform for your clients.

In this 5 day experiential module, there will be more focus on structural yoga and giving yogic homework to promote life-long change off the massage table.

The invitation of this 5 Day module is to allow the body-mind to heal itself.


5 Day Emotional Anatomy Module – TBD


– Tuition and Manual

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