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Bodywork – Yoga – Breath – Awareness

Our call to action is to help people go from chaos to calm – learning to build resilience and dissolve stress through sensory re-awakening and integration with myofascial release, yoga, vagal tone and breathwork

Our physical bodies are a mirror to everything we hold onto emotionally and mentally. Learn how to anchor into the body and create conscious change.

New for 2023 – We intend to take a deep dive into our emotional anatomy, breath and share insights from ayurveda and restorative yoga.

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We are fascinated by the mind-body dynamic. Working together we integrate our diverse backgrounds – Adam looks at the body through the lens of anatomy, while Viriam works with the subtle body and energetics – this has forged an insight into emotional anatomy and inspired a holistic teaching – how to be mindful in our bodies and how to embody our spirit. Synergy is the interaction of two agents to provide a combined effect greater than the individual. We have been on this journey of sharing and discovery for many years and share our passion in online workshops and trainings in these times.

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Our Testimonials

What I admire most about Adam and Viriam’s approach is that they are devoted to  finding ways to help us shed the masks that we have been hardened to wear, allowing our inner humanity and divinity to radiate through. The experiential nature of the Vagus Nerve workshop is incredible, with techniques, meditation, informative slides, and discussion – I use some of the techniques in my own practice and I find them powerful. I’ve also shared some techniques with my own students and the response has been great. Thanks so much Adam and Viriam, I’m looking forward to the next time!

Olivia O’Callaghan

Adam Divine and Viriam Kaur are wonderful, knowledgeable and passionate teachers. Their work is truly inspiring. I did the SAT Immersion in India in 2018 and it has helped me tremendously to gain a deeper understanding of how our breath, emotional holding patterns (trauma, stress,..) and our physical posture are deeply interconnected; and hands-on facial release techniques, breath work and yoga (asana) go hand in hand to improve our overall well-being (physically and mentally). I’ve learned about the importance of emotional anatomy and how to get a deeper sense of connectedness to my own body through (for example) improved and more conscious breathing. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Lili Taylor

Viriam and Adam are so talented to create a safe, peaceful, caring and compassionate space. I did the SAT Immersion in 2019 – the training played out in a beautiful shala, the accommodations are great, delicious vegetarian food, very high standards – as a consequence, a delightful energy prevailed in the shala that allowed me to  open-up for the journey, to be myself and to be ready to learn and practice. I really appreciated the superb balance between theoretical scientific knowledge and intuitive personalised hands-on practice during the SAT Immersion. The student group was small which was perfect for learning and building trust. Impressive amount of insights shared during this training. Viriam and Adam are so inspiring and  knowledgeable. The knowledge absorbed during the 14-day SAT is nuts! The SAT 2019 was intense emotionally with stunning, authentic and truthful human connections. Namaste, Eric.

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