Structural Awareness Technique is a powerful bodywork session unique to each individual – Using fascial release, body-reading, assisted stretches and integration, you will learn a profound massage technique and give your clients the power to heal and understand their own bodies. This 10 Day immersion is a foundation course in Structural Awareness Technique – a massage and body awareness system devised by Adam Divine.

Conscious bodywork is a conversation between therapist and client – and potentially, more importantly, the bodyworker initiates a dialogue between the client and their own body – the need to start listening to our tensions, our holding patterns, our armouring – and the liberation we can feel in the physical and emotional body when we stand and move with awareness.

The course has a framework of yoga and meditative practices led by Viriam Kaur to help us understand the emotional anatomy, body armouring, brainwave states, pranic energy and the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. We will work with Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Asana practices, meditation, breathwork and yoga nidra. It will help us to develop a deep understanding of our own physical and emotional blocks and the potential to create space for our own inner healing.

“Through this course, you will use your own body as a case study. Looking at your own unique structure and body patterns, where you hold tension and where you can create awareness and transformation. You will learn the tools to help you return to your original blueprint” – Adam Divine

What you will learn: This 10 Day Immersion is a fully certified course and will serve as a foundation for the Structural Awareness Technique. You will learn core techniques to confidently perform a conscious 1 ½ hour massage session – learning a variety of massage techniques and assisted stretches. On completion, you will receive certification.

As well as massage techniques, you will look at emotional anatomy, stress responses, trauma reflexes and methods of integration – and Adam will share his insights into body reading. This will be touched on in this course and then further explored in the 5 Day Emotional Anatomy Module starting on January 25th.

Key Elements of the Course:

			•	Fascial Release Techniques
			•	Deep Tissue Massage Techniques
			•	Postural Assessment
			•	Spinal Body Reading
			•	Assisted Yoga Stretches
			•	Tensegrity
			•	Applied Anatomy
			•	Emotional Anatomy
			•	Healing and Integration
			•	Breathwork Techniques
			•	Yogic Anatomy(Subtle Energy)
			•	Body Awareness through Yoga


10 nights/ 11 Days

TBD (Residential with 1/2 Board)


– Tuition and Manual

– 10 Nights shared room accommodation with daily breakfast and lunch


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