so talented

Viriam and Adam are so talented to create a safe, peaceful, caring and compassionate space. I did the SAT Immersion in 2019 Рthe training played out in a beautiful shala, the accommodations are great, delicious vegetarian food, very high standards Рas a consequence, a delightful energy prevailed in the shala that allowed me to  open-up for the journey, to be myself and to be ready to learn and practice. I really appreciated the superb balance between theoretical scientific knowledge and intuitive personalised hands-on practice during the SAT Immersion. The student group was small which was perfect for learning and building trust. Impressive amount of insights shared during this training. Viriam and Adam are so inspiring and  knowledgeable. The knowledge absorbed during the 14-day SAT is nuts! The SAT 2019 was intense emotionally with stunning, authentic and truthful human connections. Namaste, Eric.