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Conscious Bodywork

Cells have memory; habits and patterns are ingrained in the fasical or connective tissue. Habits of movement, pleasure, pain and memory of pain are all embedded in the fasical matrix. These patterns mirror not only the physical story of the body, but the emotional and mental states. It’s time to rewrite the story of our physical and emotional health, to create freedom of movement with less or no pain. The invitation is to create mindfulness in the body – interoceptive awareness. When a person is stuck in a story of pain and limitation, our aim is to empower them by helping them to inhabit their bodies non-judgmentally – more wisely.

A gesture becomes habit, a habit becomes a pattern, a pattern becomes a structure. We aim to understand the habits and patterns of the body – at what stage do patterns of movement write themselves into the form and shape of our tissues? And at what point do these habitual patterns of movement and our habitual thoughts and belief systems become structural?