Speechless Sunsets

Join me for a sundowner meditation session at quite probably the best sunset spot in Goa! We will explore different meditation techniques – from gong healing and chanting to Tantrik micro meditations.

Dates – TBC

Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

Learning to deal with stress and our typical stress responses through yoga, meditation and simple vagus nerve toning techniques. We will look at the evolution of the autonomic nervous system and the impact that working with our vagus nerve can have signalling safety to our ANS. Not only does our body sculpt itself around its most common physical activities, it also sculpts itself around our most habitual emotions and stress responses. We get caught in certain patterns and this effects our posture and how we hold ourselves as well as our mood and how we see ourselves

Workshop at Himalaya Yoga Valley Mandrem

Dates – TBC

Ayurveda &  Yoga for Stress

Through the lens of ayurveda, we can see how different body types (constitutions) respond to stress differently and we can cultivate practices which nurture a self awareness and reduce our habitual stress responses. We will look at the doshas (body types) and gunas (sattva-rajas-tamas) in relation to our mental outlook. This will be an experiential workshop with restorative asana and meditation practice as well as ayurvedic insights and lifestyle advice.

Ayurclinic Goa – Mandrem

Dates – TBC

Moon Meditations

Join me for magical moon meditations every Full and New Moon…

Full Moon is a time to shine the light of conscious awareness on areas of our lives. New Moon is a time to set conscious intentions. We will explore different elements of meditative tradition – chanting, Tantrik micro-meditations, gong healing and yoga nidra.

Dates – TBC

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