We are excited to host workshops in Europe this summer focusing on yoga and stress – let’s rewrite our story and learn simple techniques to dissolve stress in our lives. 

fascia as a sensory organ
Workshop in cagliari, sardinia
– june  29th  

Fasica is a buzzword in yoga and anatomy – but what does it mean in our yogic practice? Tuning into fascia helps cultivate a new sensory dialogue and tune into our bodies and postural patterns more easily. We will look at fascia from an anatomical and biomechanical perspective, but also through our emotions. Working with fascia can help us release stress and long-held tensions. The sensory receptors in the fascia detect different qualities In yoga and meditation, we can speak to the fascia through different cues. We will look at proprioception and interoception and using different language to speak to create a deeper quality of practice and healing. Become embodied in a new way. This will be an experiential anatomy workshop with asana, hands-on work and meditation.

We will look at the anatomy of fascia and also the emotional anatomy of stress and memory; Viriam feels that our samskaras (the imprints of our past pleasurable and painful experiences) are not only stored in our mind and memory, but in our viscera, in our fascia and in our cell memory. Through conscious practice creating spaciousness in our fascia, we can release stored emotions, anxieties and trauma. Become embodied – tuning into fascia helps cultivate a new sensory dialogue helping us prevent injury and stress, improving well being and resilience.

from chaos to calm – yoga for stress
Workshops in himalaya yoga valley cork, ireland
– july  27th  & 28th

Stress, Yoga and the Vagus Nerve – Saturday

Learning to deal with stress and our typical stress responses through yoga, meditation and simple vagus nerve toning techniques. We will look at the evolution of the autonomic nervous system and the impact that working with our vagus nerve can have signaling safety to our ANS. Not only does our body sculpt itself around its most common physical activities, it also sculpts itself around our most habitual emotions and stress responses. We get caught in certain patterns and this effects our posture and how we hold ourselves as well as our mood and how we see ourselves.

Stress, Pranayama and Neuroplasticity – Sunday

We will look at the emotional anatomy of stress through the lens of breath. How making space to breathe creates a sense of inner strength and inspiration. We will also focus on the psychology of stress and how we can effect change through neuroplasticity – we have the ability to change. The emphasis of this weekend workshop will be how to take ourselves from chaos to calm in moments. When we feel a stress response arise, how can we best tune into ourselves and effect change. The only way we can reduce stress in our lives is learning to be less reactive and judgmental. We will learn meditative techniques, hands-on exercises, yoga nidra, restorative asana and mindful interoceptive language to help us navigate our lives without fear and anxiety. Our aim is to cultivate a deeper sense of spaciousness in our lives where we can affect conscious change.

ayurveda &  yoga for stress
himalaya yoga valley cork, ireland
– jaugust 10th

Excited to be joined by Ayurvedic specialist Dr Rohit Borkar as we explore how stress impacts us each uniquely through the lens of our bodily constitution (dosha) and sharing conscious lifestyle practices to effect change.

The sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda give us great insight into how to dissolve stress in our lives.

Through the lens of ayurveda, we can see how different body types (constitutions) respond to stress differently and we can cultivate practices which nurture a self awareness and reduce our habitual stress responses. We will look at the doshas (body types) and gunas (sattva-rajas-tamas) in relation to our mental outlook. Understanding how we see ourselves and the world around us.

With yogic philosophy, we can start to understand how we create the story of Self and how often it is our judgments and expectations of ourselves that create stress. If we can cultivate the two yogic keys of non-attachment and non-judgment we can loosen the impact of stress on our lives.

Through asana, meditation and pranayama, we can feel the impact that stress has on our body and breath; if we can switch off auto-pilot and immerse ourselves in our practice, we can develop a greater sense of spaciousness where we can deal with stressful situations more effectively. The one thing that stresses us all out, is that we feel we lack enough time and space. So through practice, movement and meditation we will create a sense of expansion.

With Ayurveda, we can bolster our immune system and how we deal with stress through understanding our constitution with lifestyle and dietary changes and herbal supplements.

This will be an experiential workshop with asana and meditation practice as well as ayurvedic insights and lifestyle advice.

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