Therapeutic Yoga Massage Training

In-person course - Goa

Become a Massage Therapist

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and deep healing with foundational knowledge and practical skills for those wishing to integrate yoga, massage, hands-on techniques, ayurvedic principles, and various nervous system-based healing modalities into their professional practices or personal lives. Therapeutic Yoga Massage is rooted in the traditions of yoga and Ayurveda. Through a mixture of deep tissue massage, assisted yoga stretches, marma points (acupressure) and breath awareness we have the ability to rewrite old habits,  generate conscious postural alignment – and ultimately create a  deeper sense of relaxation and presence.

Accredited with the CTHA and Yoga Alliance Professionals

Course Structure

  • 12 Day – 100hr Massage Training
  • Morning Yoga and Meditation
  • Lectures in Functional Anatomy, Ayurveda, Breath and Nervous System healing modalities
  • Bodywork and Massage Tuition

Learn how the body responds to conscious touch – to deep tissue massage – to heart-opening yoga-based stretches  – to breath awareness – help people find liberation from long-held tensions within their own breath, within their own bodies

Our Curriculum

With 50 hours of practical massage tuition, you will learn how this deep tissue massage releases long held tensions, realigns the whole body and assists in calming the nervous system. You will develop the ability to create therapeutic massage and yoga sequences tailored to individual needs and health concerns. You will learn a comprehensive massage sequence but there will be additional movements, modifications or more advanced stretches to work with your clients in the long-term.

 Essential anatomy for massage therapists that will enhance your understanding of the body and yogic movement theory.  We will also look at the physiology of stretching – Learn how working with specific sensory receptors helps deepen both yoga asana in your individual practice, but also the assisted yoga stretches within the massage protocol that help break through long-held patterns. 


Build your knowledge of Ayurveda  – Work with Ayurvedic herbs to detox, exfoliate and destress the body.  Learn about the marma points – Ayurvedic acupressure. Find out more about the crossover between ayurveda and the vagus nerve by looking at the gunas and polyvagal theory. We will also look at the body’s subtle energy system – Prana and Nadis – Similar to Thai Massage and Ayurvedic treatments, there is a focus on opening the body and energy channels (nadis) to enhance the free flow of prana (energy). 

Your body sculpts itself around your experiences, feelings and personal history. Create a deeper awareness of body armouring  and our stress triggers. Gain a deeper understanding of  the nervous system with a focus on the vagus nerve and polyvagal theory. Learn simple hands-on techniques and immediate mind-body calming protocols. 

You Will Learn:

  • A 1.5 hr deep tissue and acupressure massage sequence using hands, feet, elbows, thumbs, forearms

  • As both Adam and Viriam are yoga teachers – you will learn assisted yoga stretches to invigorate and realign the whole body 3 dimensionally 

  • Adam will introduce Body Reading and Postural Assessment to help generate  structural awareness and help you tailor make massage sessions for your clients – or sequences for your students

  • Introduction to Marma Points – Ayurvedic Acupressure

  • The Neuroscicnce of therapeutic touch

  • By both giving and receiving the massage – you learn the techniques at a core level – you understand the felt-sense of the massage

By understanding the neuroscience of conscious therapeutic touch and learning how to hold space – we practice with respect, intuition and grounded presence

Beyond learning this deep tissue massage there will be daily yoga and meditation as well as some restorative yoga and yoga nidra sessions, we will look at the importance of our own well-being as embodied practitioners. Our course will include a full day devoted to creating conscious massage therapists by practicing research-informed nervous system and restorative breathwork techniques and movement practices. 

Of vital importance to us is making this work experiential -We aim to share with you these nervous system balancing techniques so that you can share them with your clients and students – as well as being able to give them yoga or breath-based homework can prolong the conscious effects of the massage. We want you to create an awareness of the  body’s receptivity to different practices – both massage and hands-on techniques – so that you can create your own unique healing tool kit for you and your clients. 

100 hr Therapeutic Yoga Massage Training

with Adam and Viriam

100 Hr Residential Training in Goa

12-day comprehensive Massage Training to complement your journey as a Yoga Teacher

March 9-20, 2024 | Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Goa India – Residential

Investment: Tuition for 12 Days including Manuals, handouts, video library and post training community support.

Tuition – £860 – Pay a Deposit of £200 Now

Price does not include accommodation, meals, flights or taxis… Be in touch for the accommodation packages… Contact us

·      With an early bird discount of £100 before December 12th



From our wonderful students

The Massage Immersion with Adam and Viriam was an incredible journey. As a yoga teacher I came home with a new ability to read my students bodies and a new confidence to better physically adjust during asana. I had no experience of massage starting the course and after two weeks I was capable and comfortable giving a 2hr bodywork session! Absolutely brilliant, can’t wait to learn more with Adam and Viriam.
Jane-Anne Cleary
Massage Graduate 2018