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Yoga with Viriam

Viriam’s teachings are rooted in Kundalini Yoga which she has been teaching for 20 years – but she has found deeper inspiration with trainings in yoga nidra, restorative yoga and her on-going study of yogic and ayurvedic philosophy. Her focus is on creating grounded presence by balancing the nervous system and stilling the mind through conscious inquiry, movement, mantra and meditation, Her classes, sadhanas and workshops are an invitation to tune in, to listen, to trust. 

Yoga with Adam

Adam is inspired by both the functional and emotional anatomy of the body.  Key to his yoga classes and teachings  is that our anatomy should be experiential – we should create an understanding of our anatomy, our posture, our energy from the inside. Adam fuses traditional asana practice with contemporary insights into fascia, breath, interoception and the vagus nerve. Adam embodies ‘svadhyaya’ the concept of self-stody – our body as a vehicle for self-study and deep understanding. 

"Yoga is not a new path to follow but a way to become conscious of the impetus of life. Yoga is the movement and evolution of Life itself. " David Frawley

Every month Adam will share an Embodied Anatomy Masterclass creating a yoga sequence to help us explore our foundations, our spine, our PSOAS or breath with insights from the world of anatomy.

In Viriam’s Sadhana practices she will guide you in the art of creating a sacred daily practice – with one group class and then a series of additional meditations and insights, you can create your own unique daily practice.  Viriam and Adam will come together to co-host the Mind-Body Therapy courses which will include a weekly yoga sequence.

“Our students frequently describe our way of teaching as
| “down-to-earth” – I feel this means we bring a sense of grounding and understanding to all we share. Although the roots of our practices are quite different…” Viriam

Adam is trained in Hatha and Therapeutic Yoga Wisdom, while Viriam comes from a Kundalini background – our aim is to signal safety to the nervous system, to create an awareness of how our posture affects our mood, to see beyond either the physical or mental judgment and learn to listen to the wisdom of the body.  In our modern world, we need to take time to listen to ourselves.

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From our wonderful students

"Viriam is truly one of the very best meditation and yoga teachers I've ever met. She has the most soothing, and comforting voice and her words have a way of grounding you in the present moment like nothing else. She has a really special way of making you feel a deep sense of calm and safety, as she guides you on the journey inwards. Having worked in a profession which can be emotionally gruelling, her classes have been my magical touchstone."
Fleur Sclarandis