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We have been lucky enough to be invited around the world to share our teachings. We have hosted trainings, immersions, mantra circles and workshops in India, Ireland, Italy Spain, UK, Thailand… and look forward to travelling to Iceland, Greece and Sri Lanka. 

Retreats and Immersions

We look forward to hosting retreats and one-off events inviting you on a deeper journey.  Our retreats focus on our mission to take people from chaos to calm – to give conscious practices and create healing space so that we can go beyond any limiting beliefs and stresses finding a place of safety and presence. We will focus on emotional anatomy, posture and mood, breath and movement.  We want to help you find space and there will be lots of relaxing and rejuvenating practices during our retreats, but we want you to not only retreat and relax, but to take home with you essential tools and techniques that you can integrate into your daily lives – Simple techniques, pranayamas and meditations that can help us navigate our life’s journey.

A retreat is an invitation to come home to ourselves...

Our Embodied Retreats will invite you to…

  • Dive into a daily asana and meditation practice
  • Discover restorative yoga and yoga nidra
  • Raise your vibration with mantra
  • Discover techniques for calming the nervous system and building resilience
  • Give you the tools to head home and make space in your life
  • There will be time for self-reflection and there will be time for play and connection

I see a retreat as an investment in ourselves – to take time to really listen to ourselves. 

Our retreats will not be yoga holidays – there will be outings, but maybe not sight-seeing – we want to encourage you to press the pause button, so if you want to explore – book a few extra days….. 

We look forward to welcoming you… 


Upcoming Events & Retreats

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From our wonderful students

"Viriam is truly one of the very best meditation and yoga teachers I've ever met. She has the most soothing, and comforting voice and her words have a way of grounding you in the present moment like nothing else. She has a really special way of making you feel a deep sense of calm and safety, as she guides you on the journey inwards. Having worked in a profession which can be emotionally gruelling, her classes have been my magical touchstone."
Fleur Sclarandis