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Yoga is our in-road. It is our way of navigating our inner environment. Learning to listen to body, mind, breath and beyond… from the act of quietening the mind, we start to listen to the body, to trust. Yoga is more than asana – it is the whole realm of meditation, mantra and self-inquiry techniques that help guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Our Yoga Offerings offer you a dive into Embodied Anatomy – Masterclasses with Adam looking at body, posture, mood and practical tips on preventing injuries or deepening awareness in asana. Join Viriam for 11 Day Sadhana practices where she guides you to build a conscious daily practice.


Learn to be a massage therapist or book in for a bodywork session. Our focus is the art of conscious therapeutic touch and structural re-integration. Our Therapeutic Yoga Massage training is a culmination of 15 years of study, practice and presence – fusing deep-tissue massage, ayurvedic acupressure, yoga stretches and breath awareness – culminating in improved postural integrity, space to breathe, relaxation and rejuvenation. While one-on-one sessions with Adam will go deeper into re-writing postural patterns with Structural Bodywork and Active Fascial Release. Whether you want to learn to massage others or create balance in your own body, we offer sessions and trainings to help you tune into yourself.

Mind-Body Therapies

Our Mind-Body Therapy courses focus on the realm of emotional anatomy. Over 4 weeks, we will build a guide to different aspects of our mind-body dynamic –part theory and part experience. The key to conscious change is through practice.  So in our first course together on the Vagus Nerve – we will look at the evolution of the nervous system, our typical stress responses and how that affects mood, posture, behaviour and motivation. We will introduce practices from the world of yoga, meditation and self-massage or acupressure techniques for restoring balance and deeper understanding. There is also the opportunity for one-on-one sessions with Adam and Viriam.

Events & Retreats

We look forward to hosting retreats and one-off events inviting you on a deeper journey.  Our retreats focus on our mission to take people from chaos to calm – to give conscious practices and create healing space so that we can go beyond any limiting beliefs and stresses finding a place of safety and presence. We will focus on emotional anatomy, posture and mood, breath and movement.  We want to help you find space and there will be lots of relaxing and rejuvenating practices during our retreats, but we want you to not only retreat and relax, but to take home with you essential tools and techniques that you can integrate into your daily lives – Simple techniques, pranayamas and meditations that can help us navigate our life’s journey. 

A gesture becomes habit, a habit becomes a pattern, a pattern becomes a structure. We aim to understand the habits and patterns of the body – at what stage do patterns of movement write themselves into the form and shape of our tissues? And at what point do these habitual patterns of movement and our habitual thoughts and belief systems become structural?

Upcoming Courses

Embodied Vagus Nerve

Join Adam for an exploration of the dynamics of the spine - tune into vertebrae, muscle, fascia and the space in -between.

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From our wonderful students

I do believe that this two day training on the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve has been the most significant investment in my own personal development journey and its direct connection to my wellbeing that I have completed in all of my adult life.
Avril Mansworth