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Massage & Bodywork

Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Rooted in the traditions of yoga and ayurveda, Therapeutic Yoga Massage fuses deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches, marma points (acupressure) and breath awareness – it fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary bodywork techniques and insights. Through postural awareness and making space to breathe, we have the ability to rewrite old habits and find a place of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and presence. 

Structural Bodywork

Having trained with Anatomy Trains for over 10 years, Adam is a Structural Bodyworker. His unique one-to-one sessions offer great insight into the way we hold ourselves and the impact of posture and injury on our general well-being. As well as focusing on creating improved alignment and functionality, Adam works with creating space after injury and injury prevention. He focuses on releasing the breath and tightly held structures. Through body reading – looking at tilts, shifts and rotations, active fascial release and fascial work along the structural lines of the body – Adam helps us to feel our bodies in a new way; to stand, sit, walk and move with new awareness.

Learn with us - Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery - practical skills for those wishing to integrate yoga, massage and ayurveda

In our Therapeutic Yoga Massage training you will delve into the nuances of yoga and massage therapy, combining ancient wisdom with modern scientific research to develop a grounded approach to supporting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this training, you will learn to create unique sessions for your clients – this floor-based massage fuses deep tissue massage, assisted yoga and Thai-style stretches and acupressure (marma points).. We invite you on a journey of self-discovery.  

Our focus is on creating Conscious Therapists. Conscious or Embodied Bodywork is a conversation between therapist and client – and potentially the bodyworker initiates a dialogue between the client and their own body – we need to start listening to our tensions, our holding patterns, our armouring – and the liberation we can feel in the physical and emotional body when we stand and move with awareness. We fuse our teachings with self-care and nervous system regulation practices so that we can learn to listen and trust our own bodies and energy so that we can then in turn hold the space for others as they start to listen to themselves.

Upcoming Courses

Embodied Vagus Nerve

Join Adam for an exploration of the dynamics of the spine - tune into vertebrae, muscle, fascia and the space in -between.

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Private Sessions

Structural Bodywork & Massage

Looking for a private one-to-one session on Therapeutic Yoga Massage?

Adam can take you on a body journey. You can book a  Structural Bodywork or massage session in-person.

Or online there is the possibility of postural assessment and yogic tools for improved posture and flexibility.  

From our wonderful students

Adam has chosen human anatomy and physiology as his trade and integrated knowledge from a variety of fields including structural assessment, somatics, breathwork and yoga - what's more he shares this knowledge and enthusiasm openly and safely. Through working with Adam, it has lead me to advanced concepts of bodywork which ghave given me renewed enthusiasm and interest to continue more learning and to take back into my own practice.
Richard Melville