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Mind-Body Therapies

Our 4-Week Mind-Body Therapy Courses

Fusing theory and anatomy with embodied yoga and meditation to create an intimate awareness of our mind-body dynamic. Bringing contemporary research of the nervous system and neuroscience into our awareness of yoga and anatomy – we discover really that the ancient yogis had a deep understanding of our physical bodies, our subtle energy and our brain’s ability to change – we want to share their insights and the science behind them. Each week there will be a lecture and a get on the mat sequence. 

Embodied Vagus Nerve

Discover how activating the Vagus Nerve can help us navigate our lives with clarity and trust . The Vagus nerve is at the root of our nervous system health – it touches many of our bodily systems and therefore can be activated by key yogic practices. In our course together we will look at the science and anatomy of the Vagus Nerve – but we will focus on tcreating a tool-box of yogic practices and hands-on techniques  to create a better functioning nervous system and a healthy sense of both safety and presence.

Tuning into our body's own innate wisdom - Learning to still the mind

What are Mind-Body Therapies? 

For  almost 20 years we have been building up a tool box of practices – some are from the world of yoga and pranayama, some from massage and hands-on techniques, but we have also been inspired by and trained in trauma-release breathwork, mind-body ballpark  and nervous system regulatory techniques.

What is the Vagus Nerve? 

The Vagus Nerve is Cranial Nerve 10 and the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system.  Stephen Porges calls it our safety surveillance system as the vagus nerve is 80% sensory (afferent) – sending messages from the viscera to the brain. So so its also referred to as the ‘caretaker nerve’. 



Upcoming Courses

Embodied Vagus Nerve

Join Adam for an exploration of the dynamics of the spine - tune into vertebrae, muscle, fascia and the space in -between.

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Private Sessions

Mind Body Therapies

Looking for a private one-to-one session on Mind Body Therapies?

Adam and Viriam are available for one to one sessions both in-person and online.  Whether this takes the form of yoga and meditation for stress or learning simple hands-on techniques.  We share a range of healing modalities. 

From our wonderful students

"Viriam is truly one of the very best meditation and yoga teachers I've ever met. She has the most soothing, and comforting voice and her words have a way of grounding you in the present moment like nothing else. She has a really special way of making you feel a deep sense of calm and safety, as she guides you on the journey inwards. Having worked in a profession which can be emotionally gruelling, her classes have been my magical touchstone."
Fleur Sclarandis