Embodied Vagus Nerve

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Embodied Vagus Nerve

Discover how activating the Vagus Nerve can help us navigate our lives with a balanced nervous system. The Vagus nerve is at the root of our nervous system health – it touches many of our bodily systems and therefore can be activated by key yogic practices. In our course together we will look at the science and anatomy behind the Vagus Nerve – but we will mostly focus on techniques and yogic practices to create a better functioning nervous system and a healthy sense of both safety and presence. 


Course Structure

  • A 4-Week Immersion in the Nervous system and the Vagus Nerve with theory and techniques to take us from chaos to calm
  • Each session there will be a 1hr lecture and time for Q&A
  • We will get on the yoga mat each week with a sequence for calming the nervous system with a focus on  pranayama or meditation
  • There will be extra bonus videos and techniques
  • Access to a tool box of go-to techniques, antidotes, daily practices

Over six years ago we started a deep dive into working with the Vagus Nerve – we saw how we could weave awareness of the Vagus Nerve into our daily yogic practice and discovered deceptively simple techniques from both the world of yoga and of hands-on pressure point work to improve vagal tone and go from chaos to calm – this has become a large focus of our work together. 

Course Modules

We will dive into the science, theory and emotional anatomy of both the Vagus Nerve and the Autonomic Nervous System as well as looking at the importance of the body’s intelligence systems, safety and self care. Adam will teach a key hands-on healing technique and there will be a full Yoga Asana Sequence –Vagus Nerve inspired Kundalini Yoga.

We could simply dub this module – “This is Your Body on Stress”, but naturally our focus will be on recognizing habitual stress responses,  understanding the mind-body dynamic in relation to stress, the concept of Polyvagal Theory (PVT)  and developing a healthy early warning system (that crucially we do not override). On the mat, there will be a Yoga Asana Sequence with Pranayama to  Dissolve Habitual Stress.  Generate resilience to stress from a deeper sense of calmness within.

This module will focus on The Power of Healing Touch and Interoception. We will look at the beauty of our interconnectedness and our ability as humans to “co-regulate” – we will look at  Interoception (mindfulness in the body) and neuroception (our nervous system’s safety detection mechanism). On the mat this week we will work with self-massage techniques including body-mind ball work.

This final module will focus on the ultimate yogic nerve – focusing on the restorative practices of Breath and Sound. The ancient yogis always had a sense of this powerful inner regulatory system – we will look at yogic techniques through the lens of modern neuroscience.  And develop a tool box of go-to techniques, antidotes and daily practices  to help us tune into ourselves, reach out to others and create safe space. On the mat – Our movement practice this week will focus on grounding movement combined with pranayama and incorporating moving meditation and mudra practices – Mudras help us anchor awareness in the body.

You will Learn:

  • Mind-Body Therapies for Regulation and Resilience

  •  To ground the science of the vagus nerve in the body through conscious yogic practice

  •   To generate resilience to stress from a deeper sense of calmness within

  • To guide students and clients with simple techniques and pranayamas
  • The evolution of the Vagus Nerve and its impact on our changing awareness of the Nervous System

The Vagus Nerve is the doorway to the nervous system and a window on the mind-body dynamic. "The brain and the gut speak the same language, and it's the language of vagus." - Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

We will move through the course looking at the anatomy of the vagus nerve, how as humans we deal with stress and beyond that at how our bodies deal with stress physiologicaly,  including insights into PolyVagal Theory (PVT).  We will then start to look at the healing power of touch, vibrational sound therapies and other mind-body re-integration techniques for regulation, healing and deep relaxation. If we can down-regulate our typical stress responses, we can go beyond habitual anxiety and come back to centre. 

Of vital importance to us is making this work experiential – so each module will have a full hour of practice – working with yoga asana sequences to get us in touch with the Vagus Nerve,  balancing pranayamas and grounding mudras – as well as hands-on techniques and body-mind ballwork techniques. We want you to create an awareness of your own body’s receptivity to different techniques so that you can create your won unique therapeutic and balancing tool-kit. 

Embodied Vagus Nerve

with Adam and Viriam

Tap onto the healing power of the Vagus Nerve and  find techniques to go from Chaos to Calm in moments

Discover the Healing Power of your Vagus Nerve – 4 Weeks – Every Sunday

January 14th/ 21st/28th & February 4th 2024 – 3pm  | Online – Live Zoom Class – 2 Hours

Session Recordings available within 24 hours

Investment – £108

From our wonderful students

I do believe that this two day training on the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve has been the most significant investment in my own personal development journey and its direct connection to my wellbeing that I have completed in all of my adult life.
Avril Mansworth