Our unique conscious bodywork technique develops mindfulness in the body.

By becoming aware of our posture and bringing ourselves into alignment, we start to move with efficiency and grace, our breathing becomes more fluid. Standing tall in the world becomes effortless.

So much of our body’s energy is wasted in holding onto stress and through poor posture. This conscious bodywork allows us to move freely and more efficiently – we can ultimately conserve energy. This in turn promotes clarity and wellbeing.

Our emotions, behaviour and belief patterns are reflected in our physical body. Our bodies are a mirror to everything going on inside. By bringing awareness and balance to the physical structure, we can effect change at a core level. We can bring healing to hidden parts of ourselves.

Conscious alignment helps us interact with the world around us. Feeling grounded through our feet and balanced in our hips helps us propel ourselves forward in life. When we remove elements of stress and trauma, we tune into our bodies full potential. Free of stress, anxiety, trauma and pain, we become more confident and conscious of our daily footprint – the way we relate to the world changes.

Through conscious bodywork, mindful asana practice and seated inner work we can start to inhabit our bodies in a new way; to tune into ourselves and find an inner poise and grace.

We invite you to be embodied.

Structural Awareness Technique is an individual and personal journey. It can benefit us on so many levels – from the physical to the emotional, the mental to the energetic.
Next SAT Immersion is January 2019 – come visit us in our lovely home in Goa – Himalaya Yoga Valley for a 100hr immersion encompassing, bodywork, yoga, meditation, body reading and myofascial release – for more information check our – Professional Development or email me direct



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