I started my bodywork and yoga journey back in 2004 when I first came to India. Inspired by the practices of ayurvedic massage, I discovered the power of healing touch and the humbling journey of guiding people to both a place of relaxation but also of grounded awareness in their bodies. I sought out more and more courses – working with Monks in Thailand and learning traditional Thai massage and Foot massage and then becoming fascinated by fascia and working with exceptional bodyworkers on the Anatomy Trains’ programmes in the UK. I have worked extensively with James Earls who focuses on Active Fascial Release and  has created a whole series of protocols based on Born to Move.

Whether I’m at the airport or on the beach – I am “people watching” but I am looking at the way they walk, how their hips move, whether they put more weight on one foot/ side of their body than the other… it’s endless. And I invite my students to see their own bodies as a case study. To feel the effect of each stretch, touch or asana. To feel the anatomy from the inside out.

I am blessed to be teaching Functional Anatomy to future yoga teachers – so we look at the anatomy in terms of asana – we look at how to prevent injury. In my teachings, I invite students and massage clients to feel into where they hold tension, how they hold themselves  and their body armouring – and look at how asana, assisted yoga stretches or massage techniques help pull us out of our postural patterns. We can re-learn on a cellular and fascial level.

I have done several immersions into Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller and John Stirk – their work has deeply inspired me – bringing me into a much more intimate understanding of not only how asana works, but also how each of our bodies are unique and respond in different ways to movement, touch and even language.

Language is powerful – and beyond the proprioceptive cues of yoga – there is the realm of interoception and neuroception.  The neuroscience of yoga and touch is incredibly important to me – looking at how we can inhabit our bodies wisely – and learn to anchor our awareness in the body to go beyond stress. Interoception is essentially mindfulness in the body and interoceptive language is our guide –  this is my invitation to all my students – to learn to listen and trust their bodies.



  • 2021 Gray Institute Certificate in Applied Functional Science
  • 2021 Born to Move Certificate with James Earls
  • 2020 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Himalaya Yoga Valley
  • 2018 Thomas Myers Structural Bodywork – Anatomy Trains
  • 2017 Doug Keller – Yoga Therapy
  • 2013 Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release (200 hrs)
  • 2011 Cameron Reid-Certification of Training (Neck Pain), UK
  • 2010 AYM Institute Certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, UK
  • 2008 ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, UK
  • 2006 Wat Po Thai Massage Diploma
  • 2005 School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, India 150hrs
  • 2005 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 1&2, Goa, India

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